Microbial Remediation

A 3-day course of classroom and hands-on training. There will be a discussion of indoor air quality and “sick building syndrome”. The main focus will be on molds and spoors and how they can affect the health of those whom are exposed to them. There will be a hands-on simulation of remediation techniques for mold. The course is taught using New York City and EPA guidelines.​

The Microbial Remediation program instructs  on the health hazards, personal protective equipment requirements, and remediation processes and techniques associated with the removal of mold as well as other microbial contamination. Classroom, Video and Hands On activities round out this program. 

Topics Covered

Indoor Air Pollution and Sick Building Syndrome
PPE for Microbial Remediation and Anthrax
Work Area Preparation and Remediation Techniques
Decontamination for Microbial Remediation