ICRA Awareness

ICRA Awareness This 8-hour course provides the necessary training to become credentialed in Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) procedures for properly performing healthcare facility construction and renovation tasks. The course uses a blend of small group discussions and classroom activities to build upon the experiences participants have working in construction, renovation, demolition, or healthcare facility environments.

Topics Covered

The importance of infection control
Potential causes of secondary infections
A Construction Laborer's role in preventing the spread of infections
How to properly conduct construction activities in a hospital or healthcare facility


ICRA Worker

This 24-hour course builds upon the ICRA Awareness course, adding lessons on environment control and teaching Construction Craft Laborers the work processes and procedures necessary to construct, maintain, and demobilize the work environment. Participants also learn how to safely work within a hospital or healthcare facility environment, and how to control and prevent the spread of infection.

Topics Covered

Setting up and maintaining a negative air environment
Removing construction debris from a hospital or healthcare facility
Constructing various barriers necessary to prevent the spread of infections
Monitoring the work environment
Inspecting, donning, and removing required personal protective equipment